Some Facts


Give your family a healthy doze of extra with Upkaar Dairy Milk. The rich goodness of the milk makes your tea, coffee, desserts and other foods thicker and creamier in texture, and tastier to relish.


Our Dahi is prepared from pasteurized toned milk and contains all of the needed nutrients found in in it. This makes it rich & creamy in texture and nutritious. Every serve holds within the necessary goodness like protein, vitamins and calcium.


Our Paneer is made from the best quality milk and hence it is soft in texture and creamy in taste. It is made with the utmost care to ensure that it taste just like homemade, traditional paneer.

Desi Ghee

Made from fresh cream, our Ghee is a great way to enhance the flavour of your dishes. Since it’s made from fresh cream, it gives out a rich aroma. The texture is grainy and adds greatly to food and its golden yellow colour makes it so tempting to try.