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Here you will find a wide range of healthy and fresh dairy products that were proudly produced at our farm by our farmers and cows. Welcome to Upkaar Dairy!


To be a world class dairy company by providing high quality Products and Services.To be Recongnized, by our customers, as a leader of the Dairy Foods business. To become the benchmark by which all other competitors.


To achieve our mission we are committed to maintaining and setting high quality standards of our product.

Quality Assurance

We believe in Quality so we are doing continously efferts to maintain our quality.Quality is the main moto of our that's why Quality is our main Focus area.

What's Fresh

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Upkaar dairy represents Good Hygienic Quailty at source of milk collection. Upkaar dairy is collected from milk sheds of Ludhiana and Rampuraphul belt with stringent quality control that ensures clean hands, clean utensils, clean utensils, clean hygienic sanitation at the time of milking the milch cattle, during storage and transportation to chilling centers.

About Us

Our Story

Upkaar dairy is Established in 2000. Sunil Gandhi and krishan Sisodiya is the founder of upkaar dairy. Upkaar Dairy having its Head Quarters at Ludhiana City of Punjab. The company procures, process and sells milk and milk products In punjab.


upkaar dairy is basically retailer and wholesaler of dairy products.The company is having 20+ Outlets in ludhiana and now company is looking forward to other cities of punjab.

The Best Milk in the State

The company offers wide range of Milk Products Comprising of Fresh Milk, Butter, Ghee, Paneer,cream,lassi,Dahi. The company grew rapidly during the past one and half decades. Today it is one of the popular dairy companies in Punjab. The consistent growth of the organization reflects the customer confidence on the products and services offered


The company has gained the competitive advantage over the other players by delivering the highest quality dairy products to the consumers. Now, the company is prepared to face the future challenges by upgrading its systems and infusing new technology.

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Milk is a white liquid nutrient-rich food produced by the mammary glands of mammals. Milk and dairy products are providers of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein which are all essential for healthy bone growth and development

Desi Ghee

Ghee is typically prepared by simmering butter, which is churned from cream (traditionally made by churning dahi), skimming any impurities from the surface, then pouring and retaining the clear liquid fat while discarding the solid residue that has settled to the bottom.


Butter is a dairy product containing up to 80% butterfat (in commercial products) which is solid when chilled and at room temperature in some regions and liquid when warmed. It is made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk


Cream is a dairy product composed of the higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization. In un-homogenized milk, the fat, which is less dense, will eventually rise to the top.am has many culinary uses in sweet, bitter, salty and tangy dishes.

Our Values

Dedicated to the customers
Believe In Quality
Focus on Time
Focused on New technology, creative thinking and dynamic solutions
Contribute to the advancement and improvement of Who work with us.

Our Products

Breakfast Ideas

A cup of milk contains 8 grams of protein, important for a feeling of satisfaction after a meal. Studies show that those who eat cereal and milk for breakfast regularly get more of the nutrients they need.


Milk is a powerhouse of vitamins for good skin. Calcium helps the body break down fat more efficiently, stimulating weight loss.


Sunil Gandhi

A Business Owner

Krishan Sisodiya

A Business Owner